The original WRAY FOUNDATION was created in 1868 by Harriet, the sister of the Rector of Leven, Canon George Wray. She bought a field in the village called “The Vineyards” which was rented out to farmers. The rent raised was used for the upkeep of the school house, any money remaining being used to buy coal for the school which at the time was the Girls’ Department of the Leven Church of England Public Elementary School. The school and schoolhouse belonged to the Church of England in the Diocese of York.

The 1868 Wray Foundation school was to be “ a School for the education of the labouring and other poorer classes, whether boys or girls” and was to be conducted as a Public Elementary School.

The Old Leven School House

In 1925 the East Riding County Council took over the management of the school from the Church of England and the school became today’s Leven Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School.The school house was sold to the council in 1956. The land on which the original school stands remained in the ownership of the Wray Foundation.

In 1975 the Vineyards field (the site of the present street of that name) was sold for building and the proceeds vested with the Official Custodian for Charities. Mr Philip Theasby, Head-teacher of Leven School at the time, determined that the money from the sale of the field should benefit the village of Leven. Together with Church Warden, Colonel John Wood, he traced the original deeds of the Foundation and contacted the Charity Commission. The Commission decided that Miss Wray (when she bought the field) must have intended the proceeds of the field to benefit the school and the village of Leven.

Two years later, in 1977, the modern WRAY EDUCATIONAL TRUST was set up with Mr Theasby and Colonel Wood as two of its first trustees. The capital which had been held by the Official Custodian for Charities was placed in interest-bearing financial institutions in the name of the Trust. The interest accrued was to be used for the benefit of the young people of Leven.

You can read the Charity Commission’s 1977 Schedule for the Trust HERE